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We are a group of dedicated animal lovers who recognise how hard it is for animal charities and rescue centres to continue doing the wonderful work that they do. Looking after animals, especially those that may have been mistreated and neglected is expensive and time-consuming, and we have decided to start a a fundraising group to help out!Our initial aim is to help local animal charities and organisations, and we would love to hear suggestions about who we could help, and also how we could help! So if you have a fundraising idea, but need help getting it going please contact us, and we will help if its possible.


So who are we.........

Rita Panayi Reid

It was Rita's idea to start a group that could raise money for local animal charities. Rita has been an animal lover all her life and has cats and rabbits at home. She has recently adopted 4 bunnies from Camp Nibble who were looking for a new home & has also started fostering bunnies for Camp Nibble.

Sara Cockerham

(Rita's niece!)

Also an animal lover with rabbits, cats and a crazy labrador taking over the house! Sara has 6 bunnies (5 of whom came from Camp Nibble) & would have many more if she could! Sara's Labrador Theo is one of our many animal mascots and joins us at our events whenever possible so he can have a good play with his friends and help us raise as much money as possible.

Sally Harris

Sally is a keen animal lover who works hard at all our Animal ArkAid events to get donations and prizes for our fundraising attempts! She currently has a much loved dog called Paxo.

Debs Kirby

Owner of

Hartleywood Boarding Kennels in Leeds and with over 30yrs experience of looking after dogs as well as being Aunt to Sara, loves nothing more than helping to raise funds for animal welfare and rescues.

Maureen Jackson

Big cat lover and has a rescue cat called Jasper.

A wiz in the kitchen for all our events - Bacon sandwiches is a speciality!!!

Maureen works tirelessly to support our events come rain or shine.

Dan Dainter

A recent recruit to the Animal ArkAid family, Dan is responsible for keeping us online and keeping our followers and supporters informed. 

Dan has a Labradoodle called Elle back in his home town and is a lover of all animals.

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