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We at Animal ArkAid are appalled at the number of animals being neglected, abused and abandoned and are doing our best to support the amazing charities that look after these animals.
Through our fundraising activities we will support as many charities as possible so that they can continue the fantastic work that they do rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing animals that have had a bad start in life. Please support us in our quest to raise as much money as possible. If you think you can help with fundraising or would like to join Animal ArkAid at our next event please use the contacts page to e-mail us.
Thank you


Since we began our work in 2010 we have managed to raise and donate over £36,000 to local animal charities! Help us reach our next goal of £50,000 by joining us at an up-coming event or by donating through the PayPal button below.


Animal rescue shelters throughout the country are in desperate need of help. If you have got any spare time and think you could help your local rescue shelters through fundraising or helping out why not give them a call?

Check our CONTACT US page for some great charities in the Leeds area that always need support, or simply search for what's local to you. There are brilliant and fun ways of raising money to help animals so why not give it a try?

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